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Vase Herb Bubbler

Vase Herb Bubbler

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Ages 21+ only!

Fun little vase herb bubbler. You can turn it to one side for the vase display and the other side for fun party time ;) Comes with a little piece, i would recommend adding a 'O' ring to the pipe hole for better experience. The entire piece + the pipe has been glazed with good safe glaze. 

Height: 6 inches

📣 Some important stuff you should know

✋🏽 Handmade products mean handmade features, you might feel a bump or notice a wobble due to the handmade nature of Ponkiki Ceramics but all products have been tested for functionality (sits right, holds food/water well, etc) use and the imperfections does not affect the product’s usability.

🧽 Microwave and Dishwasher safe but better to hand wash for durability.

🏺 Made with cone 5 food-safe clay, glazed with cone 5 food-safe glaze and underglaze.

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